Fly: A Celebration of Juneteenth

Wednesday, June 19th at 7pm
Join us to celebrate Juneteenth with African dance, music, and aerial arts!
Presented with Hawai'i Jazz, Jazz Maui, and Mana'o Radio

Of all our national holidays, Juneteenth National Independence Day commemorates not just the ending of legal slavery in the United States, but the ending of legalized ideologies of supremacy and racial separation. Juneteenth uplifts the ideals of true and total freedom and justice for all. It’s one of the few, perhaps the only holidays globally, that commemorates legal practices of human rights, dismantling legal inequity and civil unrest. In a world of that commemorates conquerors, political figures, war, and martyrs,  this holiday is a significant treasure to celebrate for the progress of humanity.

Performers include:
Dr. Joie Yasha Taylor: Producer, Director, musician, aerials, dance
Gabriel Fara Tolno: Djembe, Fola, dance
Chloe Malyshkin: featured painter, narration
Etiange Doma: dancer, poet
Sara Patrinellis:  silks, Lyra 
Caye Mckibben: flying Pole
Victoria Roos: aerial straps
Accompanied by Lee Djundjun Fola and Jesse Krebs on djembe

$60 Premium (large cushy front-row chairs with small tables)
$50 Preferred (front row of any seating tier)
$40 Regular Seating

$10 off for Kupuna (65 and older)

Run time:  90 minutes - with NO intermission

Chloe Malyshkin (1991) was born in St. Louis Missouri. Her study of Philosophy and Religion at Truman State University in Missouri largely informa her work. When she moved to New York in 2014 her practice in oil paint began, with Acrylic and multimedia to follow. Her current work focuses on music and video production, and makes use of vivid color in Maui, Hawaii.  Chloe is participating in the 2024 Canopy Program, a yearlong mentorship intensive.

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